Emerald Citation of Excellence Award                                                                                                                                                                                          2011
  Award from Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators                                                                                                                                                 2011

 Sumantra Ghoshal Research & Practice Award, Business Policy & Strategy division, awarded by the BPS Division of the Academy of Management      2010
 Outstanding Publication in Organizational Behavior, for Chatterjee and Hambrick, ASQ 2007, awarded by OB Division of the Academy of Management  2008
 Smeal Doctoral Dissertation Award, Pennsylvania State University  2008
 Smeal Competitive Dissertation Summer Stipend, Pennsylvania State University  2008
 Jeanne and Charles Rider Fellowship for academic excellence, Pennsylvania State University  20072008
 University Graduate Fellowship to an incoming doctoral student, Pennsylvania State University  2004 – 2009
 Admission to PhD program in Management at Washington University, St. Louis (declined)  2004
 Fellowship for PhD in the Management program at INSEAD (declined)  2004
 Navin Kapoor Scholarship, IIM Ahmedabad  2003
 Admission to Graduate Studies in Ocean Engineering at University of California, Berkeley (declined)  2001
 Chokhani Scholarship, MERI Kolkata  1992 – 1996
 National Talent Search Scholarship awarded by NCERT, India  1990